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Aesir health has designed, built, and managed Patient Support Programs (PSPs) and in-home nursing services since 2005. These services are designed to complement the standard of care for the condition initiated by the referring clinical team. All programs are built bespoke with input from clinical experts and community nursing standards. All visiting nurses are fully trained in the program, specific requirements and have access to individual instructions from the clinical team. These services can be educational (i.e. teaching a patient how to self-administer their injectable medication) or in-home nursing services (i.e. such as an in-home injection / administration service). In some circumstances, telehealth can be a viable option for patients and is offered as required.
Aesir Health has a range of supplementary services to support these patients manage their condition. Sometimes it is not just about the primary disease, but in the holistic way this can also be supported. These programs include exercise programs, nutrition, mindfulness and intimacy counselling.
Our programs are designed to have trained healthcare professionals or other medical scientists available during the day to answer questions, arrange support or be available on telehealth to manage difficult situations. This support continues throughout the life of the program. As all records are kept securely in our inhouse database, the Aesir health person can tap into past records and initiate support as required.
Aesir Health has in the past developed and managed Compassionate Access and PFPs for highly specialised products prior to them becoming more widely available on TGA or PBS listings. These programs require key considerations, careful management and meticulous protocols for the transition post listing. Some of Australian’s largest PFPs have been run by Aesir Health.
Holding personal information & medical records requires Aesir Health to have the highest level of data security. This is achieved and maintained by Aesir investing in world-leading solutions & having in-house database architects and IT services. These databases and data capture have been frequently audited by sponsors and found to be compliant. Our Data capture by nurses in patient’s homes ensure we have real time updates as well as fast throughput of patient visits/ records back to the prescribing clinicians. Adverse Event reporting is fundamental to all programs and has been a strength of Aesir throughout our history.
If suitable and clinically relevant, we have been able to de-identify, collate, analyse and publish our programs present Real World Evidence of the impact of some of these programs and highly specialised drugs. As our programs are National, we often get a unique perspective of these patient populations well above large teaching hospitals or local area health networks.

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Aesir Health is a leading and award winning provider of medical education and patient support in Australia. We are a highly specialised group that provides bespoke programs delivered by teams of healthcare professionals on behalf of the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industries.

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